Sports Betting Tips for Beginners


Betting is entertaining and rewarding if proper measures are taken. This means that a lot of discipline is required when placing a bet. For beginners, it is good to know the following tips before you can start making money in the betting industry. 

  1. Start slowly

Many people get excited by the fact that you can make millions in a single day with only betting. For beginners, it is highly impossible to make vast sums of money considering the amount of information that one ought to have known about betting and how it works. To be on the safe side, it is good to start with a small number of stakes, and with the time you will able to learn your curve and make the necessary decisions. 

  1. Learn the basic 

It is essential to know what you are betting and the odds of getting it right. This will make you understand the chance of winning in a bet. With the basics, you can know that it is not just odds that matters; there is also the chance of getting it right. 

  1. Remain disciplined

Please do not lose the discipline when it comes to betting, remember is gambling, and there is also a likehood of losing in a bet. Having control means you get consistent with your betting style and do not be tricked into placing a higher stake on a game as it might turn out otherwise. 

  1. Bet on the sport you know better

To boost you winning odds, it is good to place your money on games that you are accustomed to; this means that you know the rules and also you can give a prediction of the results presented your knowledge of the game. 

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"Key Number" in the NFL


All gamblers know about "3" and "7" are key numbers when betting football, specifically the National Football League since there is so much variance in college football. In 2015, the PAT got moved back after touchdowns, which in a few more years when we have enough data, the key numbers will possibly change and with future rule changes. But for now, we have this:

 Record says the final margin of victory should happen:

  • 14-15% of the time for 3
  • 9-10% of the time for 7
  • 6-7% of the time for 10
  • 5-6% of the time for 6
  • 4-5% of the time for 4
  • 3-4% of the time for 1,2,3 and 8
  • 1-2% of the time for 9

As you see with the numbers above, there is a reason "3" and "7" are discussed the "Key Numbers". Most professional bettors win 53-54% over a large sampling of picks, but this is how you are successful long term. Knowing this, we also know going through the years of season data that if a line goes from -3 to -2.5 that favorite went from a 54% to 46% win. Imagine that the line went from -3 to -3.5, now it is the dog that is 55% to 45% win.

Most recreational gamblers forget that gambling is like any other statistics driven by sport. Math and data matter, and when you dig through the data, we find trends that we can follow at higher chances of success than just our gut feeling or our perspective on data.

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